Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Salsa is ....an African bumblebee dancing with an orchid.
Salsa is...The grandeur and majesty of the ocean tempered with a little rum and Coke.
Salsa is...an 8 step equation containing infinite variables divided  by  one rational constant :   
The Cowbell  !
Salsa is ... the clickity clack of a New York subway taking home a Panamanian immigrant eating Chinese take out food.
Salsa is ......the thrill of trilling your "r's".
El ferrocarril corre por el barrio.
Salsa is.....  a hot dip !
Salsa is....Ceviche, limes, beans, peppers ,corn and garlic  brought together with love and strong spirits! 
Salsa is......circular. It knows the curvatures of women,  lagoons, palm trunks and moonlight.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Beto Not

Beto Blog #2


There have been efforts to make Beto and The Fairlanes into something they are not, namely, a band that cranks out “pop” hits. Once upon a time a local record company, for example, insisted that Beto record a hit song a la “Gloria Estefan”. The song would win Grammies and bring everyone great fame and fortune. This approach, however, was clearly not the “
Beto Way
(see blog : The Beto Way)
All previous efforts to make Beto's music into a commercial success by copying pop styles have turned out to be dismal failures.  The truth is, the authentic sound of Beto and the Fairlanes is evolving at its own pace. This evolution, however, seems to be taking place at a slower rate than most bands. In fact, the beto sound may be a new "species"  that may take millions of years to perfect!.......... like the toad or the cockroach!
The hits will come.
 Eons are mere seconds to Beto and the Fairlanes !